e-mail: • Tel: (818) 522-5322 or (917) 836-9863
Member of the Art Directors Guild - Local 800 - IATSE
Member of United Scenic Artists - Local 829 - IATSE (NY Region)

In my role as a feature film's Graphic Designer I create items for the Art Department, Set Decoration, Props, and Wardrobe that play within the film. This includes everything from signs, logos, billboards, posters, book jackets, magazine covers, to flooring, wallpaper, textiles, and fine art.

Over the course of my career I've designed for films of all periods, past, present and future. In addition to graphic design I also work extensively in Photoshop, both for visualization of sets and artwork, as well as photo composites and retouching of actor's images.

I'm available for work wherever the project is located. Inquiries about projects outside of the film industry are always welcome.

April 2, 2019: I'm currently the Supervising Graphic Designer on HBO's "The Plot Against America", a six part series adaptation of the acclaimed novel by Philip Roth. In this counterfactual historical drama, Franklin Roosevelt is defeated in the 1940 election by famed aviator Charles Lindbergh running on the Republican ticket. Lindbergh who was a white nationalist and Nazi sympathizer takes the country on a sharp turn toward fascism and implements American-style programs against the country's Jewish population.

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