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Custom neon signage
Home of the Fight Club: Custom neon signage

Made from human fat available now!
The Paper Street Soap line: Made from human fat available now!

You just had to look
The clues were in the cards: You just had to look

Meet interesting people!
Fly Sovereign Airways: Meet interesting people!

Illustrations by Jules Kmetzko
One of FC's better known props: Illustrations by Jules Kmetzko

A catalog comes to life: FC's Ikea substitute

Demagnetizing home videos
Project Mayehm in action: Demagnetizing home videos

A subversive "EPA" billboard
Space Monkeys strike again: A subversive "EPA" billboard

Death to Coffee Chains!
Project Mayhem: Death to Coffee Chains!

Some of Jack
He goes to meetings: Some of Jack's favorites

It's all in the mind