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For "House of Cards" a new series on Netflix, I did a series of photocomposites for set decoration with lead actors
Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright as Francis and Claire Underwood. In addition I restored and revised the color
of over 100 works of art and photography for the Capitol and Underwood residence sets, and printed them all
in the Art Department on a large format Epson 7900.

Minus dress wrinkles, + underwear
Mutual Appreciation Society: Minus dress wrinkles, + underwear

His first electoral victory
Francis Underwood (Kevin Spacey): His first electoral victory

and Mr. Bowles
Friend of Bill, So long Erskine...: and Mr. Bowles' gets resculpted

Coretta Scott King & John Lewis
Civil Rights Celebration with: Coretta Scott King & John Lewis

This one was quite a challenge
Government Man Underwood: This one was quite a challenge

The shirt & jacket revise was tough
Claire Underwood (Robin Wright): The shirt & jacket revise was tough

Claire heads the organization
The Clean Water Initiative: Claire heads the organization

"The Constitution"  

"View of Washingtion" 

"View of Washington City"  

"Broadway Fashions New York"  

"The Capitol" Early 1800s 

"Henry Clay" 

A slight change of locale 

Library of Congress Steps"
"The Capitol as Viewed from the: Library of Congress Steps"

"Trolley Car in Washington DC"  

"The Capitol at Wintertime" 

"Washington DC Shoppers"  

"The White House"