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All Images © 2024 HBO / MAX • Robert Downey Jr. Photos by Hopper Stone

Based on my design of the General's liquor store signage, my colleague Carly Sertic designed a grand opening banner at the entrance

My colleague Carly Sertic designed the Happy Burger neon sign accompanying my Smiley Face franchise logo

The Captain's first exposure to the Congressman comes via this 1976 campaign flyer

The Congressman's campaign graphics dressed in at the Alhambra filming location

Ford and Sadat Source Photo: AFP / Stringer / Getty Images

The Reagans Source Photo: Bettmann / Getty Images

Anthony Quinn and John Wayne Source Photo: Ron Galella / Getty Images

The Congressman's Wife Rita in Front of the Rally Stage at Their California Mansion Home

The Final Graphics Previs of the Congressman's Rally Stage

This photo of the Congressman with President Nixon and National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger is featured in the Congressman's private office

Nixon and Kissinger Source Photo: Consolidated News Pictures / Getty Images

Painting by Christopher Soohoo

The series' first reference to 'The Auteur', Nicos Damianos are the array of posters for 'The Combination Part II' at the Saigon movie theater in Episode 1

Inspired by The Godfather I and II posters are The Combination and it's Sequel, Part II from Director Nicos Damianos

The Auteur, Nicos Damianos References His Film Antigone and the Award Winning Lead Actress

Logo for 'The Hamlet' film production for which the Captain is a Vietnam consultant

Episode 2: The Final Graphics Elevation of the Texas Feed and Grocery Store

Episode 2: In-Room Graphics from an Arizona Motel Room

Welcome Banners Greeting the Vietnamese Refugees at the Fort Chaffee Military Base