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I was brought on to Twin Peaks: The Return for a two week period to design graphics for the casino and Bud Mullins' office.

In addition to designing the casino signage, I was tasked with working out the color scheme for the casino logo which had been done much earlier in the production by another designer, and them processing it to look like stone to go with the actual flooring at the location. It was printed on a vinyl media for easy transport and installation.

My four casino posters as featured in Epsiode 2.

Kyle MacLachlan as Dale Cooper in the zombie-like persona of Dougie Jones.

The "Battling" Bud Mullins poster photo was a composite of actor Don Murray and boxing great Rocky Marciano.

When I worked on the project I wasn't told anything about the context of the graphics or what episodes they would appear in, it was all very secret. It was a nice surprise seeing the boxing poster nicely featured over the course of several episodes.