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The Plot Against America was the largest undertaking I've ever had in my film and TV work. The project spanned eight months, requiring an enormous amount of graphics. As the Supervising Graphic Designer I lead a team of five to eight designers over the course of the show. Given the scope, this exhibit will feature the designs of my colleagues along with my own. Please see the captions for individual credits.

Gravestones in the Finkel Family Plot - By Sean Murray and Laurel Kolsby

Bess and Evelyn Finkel in Front of Their Father's Grocery Store - Newark, 1910 - Composite By Eric Rosenberg

Evelyn Shows Bess She Plans to Feature Sandy in the New Just Folks Brochure, Bess Tells Her Not to Use It

Just Folks Brochure Proof Sheet Featuring Sandy Levin on the Mawhinney's Kentucky Tobacco Farm - By Eric Rosenberg

Sandy Levin Farming in Kentucky - Composite By Eric Rosenberg - Background Source Photo (R) By Berenice Abbott

The Brochure Spread as Featured in Episode Four

Just Folks 1942 - Front & Back Cover Proof Sheet - By Eric Rosenberg

Evelyn Has Ignored Bess and Used Sandy's Photo Anyway - Mrs. Lindbergh Views Sandy with Admiration

The Newark OAA Office, 1942 - Graphics By Eric Rosenberg

Just Folks 1942 - Interior Proof Sheet - By Eric Rosenberg - Featured Photo (L) by Dorothea Lange

LIFE Magazine By Eric Rosenberg - Newspapers By Ross MacDonald - Magazines By Jannick Guillou & Feli Lamenca

Homestead 42 Map - Bengelsdorf Discusses with OAA Regional Directors - By Eric Rosenberg

U.S. Department of the Interior - Conference Room - By Jenny Kraft

Sandy Levin Gives a Just Folks Presentation - Easel Artwork by Mitchel Landsman - Poster By Eric Rosenberg

Evelyn Presents Sandy with His Invitation to the White House State Dinner for Von Ribbentrop - By Eric Rosenberg

White House State Dinner - Graphics By Eric Rosenberg & Jenny Kraft - Dance Floor By Deirdre Jernigan

Lincoln Portrait Digital Restoration - By Eric Rosenberg - On of 28 Such Paintings Featured at the White House

Herman Shows Bess His Homestead 42 Reassignment Letter

Metropolitan Life Homestead 42 Letter - By Feli Lamenca - Kentucky Pamphlet - By Jannick Guillou

Evelyn Questions Philip About Who Sent Him to See Her

Just Folks 1942 Map Revision - By Eric Rosenberg

Just Folks 1942 Posters - By Eric Rosenberg

Just Folks 1942 Posters - By Eric Rosenberg

Evelyn Shows Off Her Photo with Lindbergh - By Eric Rosenberg

Evelyn Finkel Portrait - Retouching - By Eric Rosenberg

Walter Winchell Presidential Campaign Rally - By Eric Rosenberg

The Levin’s Join the Mourners at Winchell’s Funeral in Manhattan

Walter Winchell Press Photo - Retouching - By Eric Rosenberg

Pinball Billy Schapp’s Warehouse - Philadelphia - Graphics by Holly Watson

Tattoo Parlor - Philadelphia - By Sean Murray

Minetti’s Tailor and Pharmacy - Philadelphia - By Maki Takenouchi

Liberty Bell Dry Cleaning Truck - Philadelphia - By Sean Murray

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette By Ross MacDonald

Newark Star Ledger - By Ross MacDonald

Mrs. Lindbergh Addresses the Nation - Speech Typewriter Set Speech - By Eric Rosenberg

Jewish Owned Dry Goods Store Set Afire - Cumberland, MD - By Sean Murray

Patsy’s Hardware Store - Cumberland, MD - By Sean Murray

The Dry Goods Store as Seen - Now J. COHEN’S - Post Production Revision

Pro-Coal Billboard - Cumberland, MD - By Eric Rosenberg & Maki Takenouchi

Herman Works the Democratic Party Table - Democratic Party Voter Guide - By Eric Rosenberg

Ford-Taft and Roosevelt-Truman Campaign Posters - By Jenny Kraft

Ford-Taft Campaign Posters - By Jenny Kraft

Weequahic High School Sign - By Eric Rosenberg

Weequahic High School Sign - By Eric Rosenberg

Roosevelt Campaign Car Posters - By Feli Lamenca, Jenny Kraft & Eric Rosenberg

Ballot Box and Ballots - By Sean Murray and Eric Rosenberg

Special Election Ballots, Booth Graphics and Instruction Poster - By Sean Murray and Eric Rosenberg

The Levin’s New Neighbor Mr. Cuccuzza Marks His Ballot