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The H.G. Wells museum exhibit from the Pilot, which was done by a different Art Department was re-shot prior to the second episode. I designed numerous banners in the format designed by the Pilot's graphic designer Ian Jarvis. For the H.G. Wells novel banners I created the various composite illustrations using cleared stock resources.

Exhibition Pamphlet

Episode 2: Facsimile H.G. Wells First Editions.

Episode 10: 1970's Thru Contemporary H.G. Wells Book Covers

Episode 10: Central Park Art & Book Fair Banners

Episode 10: Central Park Art & Book Fair Website

Episode 10: Central Park Art & Book Fair Banners

Episode 10: Contemporary H.G. Wells and Jack the Ripper Book Covers

Episode 10: H.G. Wells Film Festival Graphics

Episode 5 had H.G. Wells going back to Paris in 1918 in pursuit of John Stevenson. This article, found in 2017 finds all the characters central to the event. Newspaper graphics by Jannick Guillou - Period Photo Conversion by Eric Rosenberg.

Episode 5 - The Cafe L'Automne was built in a cul de sac in the former waterfront factory area of Sunset Park in Brooklyn which is now full of retail stores and restaurants.

Episode 5 - This dress shop facade was installed directly opposite the Cafe.

Episode 3 - These South Street Seaport graphics weren't allowed to be used in the end. The company redeveloping the Seaport had filed a trademark on the name. South Street Seaport was no longer a public name! At center is the series' Production Designer Rick Butler on the location scout.

Episode 8 - Pendrick Island Map - Dr, Monroe's Project Utopia Journal

Episode 4 - A caterer named after our fine Property Master Dave Schanker. I only wish I'd spelled his last name correctly!

Episode 12 - In the future, John Stevenson (Jack the Ripper) has used the stolen tech to become a wealthy and prominent industrialist.